Out Of Time


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FDJ Another band who owe a large part of their sound to Black Sabbath, but what the hell this ROCKS!
Where Hound differ from the Birmingham four is that they condense the trad doom groove into bite size morsels, no track is more than 5 mins long so there's no self indulgent meanderings just straight to the heart ,foot to the floor ROCK.
A Ramones for doomers. Favorite track: Cold Sweat.
Matthew Baldasari
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Matthew Baldasari Face melting old school metal. Great local Philly band with solid riffs. Sick stuff here. Favorite track: Affordable Hypnotist.
slow burn
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slow burn A great intro to the fast, brutal, no-bullshit rock and roll that Hound play. Favorite track: Cold Sweat.
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released November 28, 2014

PERRY SHALL - Guitars/Vocals
CHRIS WILSON - Drums on tracks 1, 3, 4, 9, 10
BRENDAN GRAHAM - Drums on tracks 2, 5, 7, 8


Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: WILL YIP at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA
Produced by HOUND and WILL YIP
Sequencing by TED LEO
All songs written by HOUND
Except “Nothing Achieving” written by The Police (COPELAND)



all rights reserved


HOUND Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Affordable Hypnotist
I’ve been waiting for my whole life for a sign of warning
Never took the time to realize you haunt me
I’ve been waiting for so many years and you’re still the cause of all my fears
I’ve been waiting for time to pass but you still own me

You’ve taken up space inside my head for far too long now
I try to fill the void with joy but just don’t know how
You’ve taught me how to feel again when all I want is to numb the pain
I’m just trying to heal my wounds but time won’t allow
Track Name: Cold Sweat
A long drive on an endless road
Many miles away from home
Riding until the end of time
Can’t see, the sunlight’s burning in my eyes

Head’s pounding and forever sore
Only fearing what’s in store

Eyes itching and swelling now
Sweat dripping from my brow
Still something I can’t forget
Barely breathing as I wake up in a cold sweat

Head’s pounding and forever sore
Only fearing what’s in store
Am I to blame for all of this?
I close my eyes as I fall into the abyss

Head’s pounding and forever sore
Only fearing what’s in store
Track Name: Little One
When I was young
Just a little one
When I was born
Since they cut the cord
I’ve been so bored

Change in time and space
A blank stare across my face
Disgust for the human race
Nothing for me here
Future is what I fear
And it’s drawing near
Track Name: Houdini
I ain’t feelin’ like myself
It feels like my soul has escaped and screamin’ out for help
I ain’t feelin’ like myself
My soul has escaped my body and screamin’ out for help

I’m all alone
I got a bone to pick with you
18 years old
I’m all alone
Track Name: Stupid Dreams
I was walking down an unknown road
Couldn’t see the end but I did know
I was alone now, no one could hear me crying

I was contemplating my whole life
Has anything I’ve done ever worked out right
I didn’t know how I’ve ever made it this far

I’ve worked hard enough to realize
It’s not worth it to be treated like I was just worthless
Never lived up to your standards

If god was real I think she’d feel disgraced
By the way that things seem to look these days
Our civilization is a mockery of ourselves
Track Name: I Can't Take It No More
Feel the sun burning my eyes
A sense of carelessness will lead to my demise
I can feel the smog burning my lungs
Choking on the air I breathe is my idea of fun

I just can’t take anymore
I just can’t take it no more

Throw my caution to the wind
Then I turn my head as I spit into it
Can you feel the fire in my eyes
I try to make like a fly as I try not to die

I just can’t take anymore
I just can’t take it no more
Track Name: Miserable Fools
I’m feelin’ low
I’m feelin’ down
Ain’t feelin’ high no more
Get me off the ground

Don’t expect too much from me
And you’ll be fine
That’s all the advice you’ll ever need

So here’s one more thing
Before you die…
Track Name: Fall in Philadelphia
This town will eat you alive
Like a starving hound waiting for its feast
Don’t let yourself get caught in the smog
You must tame the wild beast

Long enough to hear you suffer
If not for anything else
You mustn’t lose track of your surroundings
Or else you’ll lose track of yourself

Get me out of here
Because this world is what I fear

Has the well finally run dry,
Or am I losing steam?
How much longer until I’m all washed up?
I’ll float into the stream

Get me out of here
Because this world is what I fear